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We invest in people!

Mullen became a successful company within our niche because of our people. After over 60 years in the trucking industry, we know how to allocate resources and our greatest one is our staff, drivers and owner-operators. We’re proud of our team and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the great Mullen employees who contribute to the on going growth and success of this company!

January 2020

Marshall Dolding, Unit #468

Congrats to Marshall Dolding , he was chosen as our Operator of the Month for January . Marshall started with us in 2012 and has always been a reliable and safe driver out on the road. His kind and gentle nature have made him one of the most respected drivers we have and he continues to be appreciated by everyone at Mullen. We are fortunate to have such a professional and friendly individual working for us. Great Job Marshall!

December 2019

Andrew Prendergast, Unit #12114

Andrew Prendergast is our driver of the month for December. Andrew started as an owner operator in 2012 coming from Payne and “ shifted” to a company driver in 2018. We are happy he remained a part of our team as his cheerful outlook on life is refreshing. Those who meet Andrew quickly find him positive ,friendly and always smiling. When he’s on a break from the road Andrew loves to spend time with his children – one older & teenage twins- boy/girl . Congrats Andrew!!

November 2019

Bruce Hryniuk, Unit #238

Congrats to Bruce Hryniuk, our November Owner Operator of the Month. Bruce has been with Mullen since 2004 but his years of experience make it seem like he’s been part of the team forever. He owns a 10 axle trailer delivering some of our biggest loads crisscrossing all over the North America. He is the textbook example of a dedicated long haul driver & our dispatch team can rely on him to deliver almost any over-dimensional piece safely and professionally. Bruce lives in Edmonton with his family and we sure appreciate his commitment to customer service and his friendly nature to all that he meets. Congrats again Bruce!!